Valerie Chafograck is the founder of Dance Sanctuary™, a conscious dance community. As a certified Soul Motion™ teacher, Valerie has successfully developed a thriving practice from scratch, and has taught thousands of students. She leads classes and workshops in the U.S.

She is a presenter at events such as Wisdom 2.0, Body Intelligence Summit and Peace In The Park, as well as esteemed venues such as Rancho La Puerta, Esalen and Harbin Hot Springs.

Click here to listen to audio from the Wisdom 2.0 - Body Intelligence Summit


In 2013, Valerie and Dance Sanctuary™ dancers were part of SF Museum of Modern Art: Countdown Celebration Processional. See video.

Valerie grew up in France and is a multicultural, passionate lover of dance and stillness. She has dedicated her life to assist individuals and communities in discovering the liberating and healing power of dance and is known to lead with an open heart. Her teaching offerings are safe spaces for everyone to unfold as free, spirited beings grounded in their bodies. She lives in Northern California.

Her path as a teacher and practitioner of conscious movement started in 1992. Inspired by many brilliant teachers she studied with and different practices such as Soul Motion™, Halprin life/art process, Pilates, 5 Rhythms, Nichiren Buddhism and Conscious Living meditation; her teaching continuously evolves, being supported by all these contributions. This long commitment and intensive course of study in body awareness have fulfilled Valerie’s needs for inner peace, deepest levels of love and divine dialog.

Meanwhile, she counts her blessings and keeps dancing the movement moment!