“Thank you Valerie for your teaching and the space held in that beautiful room. This dancer is so happy and filled with gratitude for what you are creating there. Further! Thank you for your openness, playfulness, and prayerfulness. Further!”

Vinn Marti~ Master teacher & Creator of Soul Motion™

“Valerie Chafograck is an absolute gem in the world of conscious dance!  She brings deep embodied wisdom about the Soul Motion™ practices,  and instills in her students an authentic sense of gratitude, self love, creativity, spontaneity and pure joy. She has an incredible breadth of musical knowledge and repertoire that she plays as if a conductor orchestrating a symphony of exquisite diversity.
I have been part of Valerie’s classes and workshops for five years and I am completely hooked.  As a retired professional modern dancer, I have searched for a way to blend my passion for dance and my wish to be free with my body in ways that express my truest self.  Valerie provides the perfect playground for all the parts of me.  I am forever grateful for her commitment to conscious dance, to her own growth as a spiritual being, and to her community of students.”
“Valerie, your holding space in the dance this week and giving us all the experience of dancing from our heart and with the heart of another melted uncertainties and brought us, human to human, into caring connection. It was such a joy to experience my first Soul Motion dance, and your heart felt leadership into the wisdom of opening to the diversity right before us. Gratitude for your love and shine.”
“Valerie, you are a master of creating a space where truth is revealed, souls are fully expressed and love flows easily. Thank you for the stillness, presence, motion and grace of last night’s dance.”


“The Soul Motion day workshop this past Saturday was truly extraordinary. Valerie’s ability to hold space for all of us was tremendous…from the altar of inspiration, to the verbal invitations given…just at the right moment, just in the right way. The quality of the energy was so heart opening and uplifting. Thank you, thank you Valerie and all. Namaste.”

Jane Berman~ Owner at Jane Berman Consulting

“Valerie, as a facilitator, woman, soul, and mind is a rainstorm after a drought. Her presence as a space holder made me feel safe, love myself and love others.

Valerie shared a Rumi poem and spoke about bringing in the five elements. She pointed them out in the room, the candle as fire, etc. which made her spiritual comments feel grounded in reality. Her instructions came light and easy like waves brushing on and off shore. Thank you Valerie!


Daniela Plattner~ 5 Rhythms Movement Facilitator

“Feeling so deeply nourished by this practice, by the dancers, by Valerie’s beautiful guidance and music played, by the sacredness and playfulness that was created tonight. Thank you, thank you all!!! I’m in love, again.”

Donna Carroll~ Chief Movement Officer at Ecstatic Dance Oakland

“I love your presence Valerie – what a wonderful dance… Thank you for bringing together a playful and sacred community!”

Rob Perica~ Photographer

“Valerie, as a new one to the Monday Soul Motion, I appreciate how welcomed I felt upon arrival, the safety and depth of the space, and the very sweet and inspiring group of movers you’ve brought together…I found great delight in the new movements that emerged during last night’s journey. I’ll be back!”

Casey McCarroll~ Wilderness Group Leader and Counselor

“Valerie holds the container for the unfolding of pure presence! What a blessing!! Thank you.”

Michelle Baity~ Massage Therapist