Harbin Dance Immersion

Where: Harbin Hot Springs, Middleton, CA
When: April 4-5, 2015

What better way to unplug from the world and connect with community than to share a couple of days soaking, dancing, doing yoga, hiking, and having meals together in our own private retreat space?

Come immerse yourself in a variety of conscious movement experiences and the healing waters of Harbin. The highlights of this retreat include Soul Motion™ with Valerie Chafograck, Ecstatic Dance with Baron Von Spirit, Contact Improv with Aaron Jessup, Opening Connexion Dance with Daniel Mollner, Yoga and Partner Yoga with Shannon Sahaja, and Dolphin Dance with Florence Lesur.

Come join us in the privacy of the Harbin Conference Center for dance and healing soaks.

$118 Early Registration, before February 28th
$128 Afterwards

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Harbin Hot Springs
18424 Harbin Springs Road, Middletown, California 95461