Dance-Beyond-2019-WebsiteDance Beyond 2019: An Ecstatic Retreat ~ Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
January 14-20, 2019



This January, dance community from around the world will converge on the sacred and culturally-rich land of San Marcos, Guatemala for a week-long journey into conscious dance, communal living and much more…

Eagle’s Retreats
San Marcos La Laguna

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Dear Dancing Family ~
Join us for a week of conscious dance, communal living, and other delights; all happening at an epic retreat center facing the majestic Lake Atitlan, Guatemala!

I will be facilitating Soul Motion along with 20+ facilitators, DJ’s, musicians and other contributors representing communities from around the world, reminding us that we are really a part of one global movement. Together we will co-create a truly transformative experience in one of the most activating and inspiring settings in the world.
The only one missing is you. Sign up and come play and pray with us!